Employment and Career Achievements

Trust Bank Limited (Jun 2008, continuing)

Software Programmer

  • Developed a web based application intra Message for sending messages between Trust Bank employees. It is an efficient substitution of email system for intra-branch communication with attachment sending facilities and employee profiling.
  • Developed a payment gateway named Trust Bank Checkout to integrate with online merchants to provide e-commerce payment facilities through Trust Bank Mobile Money and Q-Cash Cards. Presently it is being used to make online payments of passportBAF, KDA, etc. And lot of companies are also in the pipeline to integrate with this system.
  • Developed online service request portal for Trust Bank iBanking named eService Request. In this system email, contact number etc. can be verified automatically. It can process the whole life cycle of every online service requests from request phase to activation phase of iBanking service.
  • Developed Foreign Remittance Disbursement System which supports uploading different excel files of various exchange houses and parse to same format. Storing and distributing them to respective banks and branches are also supported by the system. Posting comment and making payment facilities are also available. Integration facilities with the Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network (BEFTN) and CBS is ready in the system.
  • Web based Document Archiving System to store, share, view and search scanned documents in cloud. Preview in browser is also available for PDF files in thumbnail and zoom mode.
  • Developed Card Processing middle-ware system to send bulk request of card creation to Card Management System. It has various logs and reports. Using this system debit and credit cards can be activated from branch. It has Barcode integration which helps branch people to enter the card numbers automatically and correctly. The system also includes the facility to parse different types of payment switch reports like- BRAC Bank, Dutch-Bangla Bank, ITCL, NPSB etc. and it can generate decision based reports from that data including dispute claiming reports for other banks and payment switches. System has automatic SMS based card activation module which helps customer to save their time.
  • WASA Bill Payment System for Trust Bank Limited which is a aspx solution to invoke the web services to check and/or make the online payments of WASA utility bills. Standing instruction processing using windows service program is also developed.
  • Developed Trust Bank internal web portal intraweb where the URLs of all the web based applications, branch list, ATM list, BEFTN Codes, employee list & profile, executives list, branch list, cluster etc. are placed.
  • Roster Duty Scheduling and Log Tracking System.
  • Integration of Bangladesh Bank Online CIB Reporting System with Trust Bank Limited. In this project, I had developed lot of error reports including possible name problem report, CIB error code list report, various link problem reports, subject data link search, etc. which helps Trust Bank to cleansing the CBS data and submit CIB Online Reports quicker and minimizes the errors.
  • VISA Credit Card Bill Parser.
  • Pay-Order and Deposit Scheme Advice Printing System.
  • Leave Application & Approval System for Human Resource Division of Trust Bank Limited.
  • Trust Bank Mailer to send bulk emails to customers for notifying product and marketing.
  • Work Log Tracking System for Trust Bank Employees.
  • Web solution to report the Foreign Currency Transactions to Bangladesh Bank for International Division of Trust Bank.
  • Credit Card Scoring and KYC Profiling System for Card Division.
  • GSM Modem based sms sending and receiving service engine to run various push-pull services of Trust Bank to get customer requests and send processed sms. This system is integrated with different systems of the bank including Card Process System.
  • Web based application for Retail Banking Unit. It is a part of banking system where the Customers, Guarantors, from Loan request to approval and Sanction Letter printing options are there. It is a multilevel user based s/w where various calculations are done including Credit Matrix.
  • Web based Contacts Storing & Sharing System for Trust Bank Limited. Profile picture, other attachments, etc. can be added with the contacts. Comments/correspondence can be added with versioning. Searching facilities are widely implemented in the system.
  • Implementation of Central Bug Reporting and Follow-up System using DotNET Bug Tracker for all the application solutions of Trust Bank Limited including Core Banking System. Vendor correspondence follow up can also be done by this system.
  • Trust Bank Internal Circular System to publish different official circulars using PHP and MySQL
  • Trust Bank News Room using Wordpress
  • Trust Bank Photo Album using Wordpress
  • Trust Bank Defaulters List using Wordpress

Business Object Solutions Ltd. (Jun 2007 to May 2008)

DotNET Programmer

  • Worked in the BOSL Framework where lot of custom controls, web services, software licensing, error reporting & bug tracking, etc. tools are included.
  • Worked in Reverse VAT Reporting System using C# DotNET 2003, a software project to integrate with the giant accounting solution Exchequer using its SDK.
  • Landlord Template using C# DotNET 2003, a software project to post the Invoices in the Sage MMS using its SDK. It keeps track of all invoices. Showing balance sheet, report printing and exporting facilities are also available for different formats.